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Since 1956

PVC is in the genes of the Van de Lande family. Over the past fifty years, with today the third generation at the helm, Van de Lande has grown into a company providing PVC and PE fittings and valves to companies around the world that attach great value to product quality and security of supply. Let’s step back in time and see how Van de Lande has developed, from its earliest days until today.


PVC is increasingly being used in installations and pipe systems. In his hometown of Schiedam in the Netherlands, Van de Lande Senior experiments with the possibility of making fittings from PVC pipes. As he is in the business of making carbon filters, his first products are designed for that sector.


As the use of PVC grows rapidly, so does the demand for PVC fittings. New moulds are made in-house. The fittings are made by hand moulding. Remarkably, this technique is still in use today (though in a modern form), especially for smaller and special series.


The Dutch horticultural sector is expanding fast. Van de Lande increases its production capacity, and develops new products. A new factory is opened in Bergschenhoek, near Rotterdam.


Three sons join the business. Quality becomes a focal point: all Van de Lande products meet the high quality standards that the industry is already beginning to demand. This quality-based approach opens the door to new markets, which are actively cultivated by the new generation of the family.


The company has ambitious growth plans. In 1976, it builds a new factory in Raamsdonksveer, in the southern province of Brabant. Situated on a new industrial estate alongside the A27 motorway, the new plant is easily accessible. Two specialisms – the hand moulding of PVC fittings and the injection moulding of nylon arc nozzles for horticulture – now form the basis of the company.


In the early 1980s, PVC injection moulding increasingly becomes the norm, providing results that equal or even exceed those obtained by hand moulding. Van de Lande therefore decides to invest in production machines for injection moulding. Before long, the company has introduced a wide range of products. Capacity is expanded continuously, with, on average, a new production hall being built every three years.


Worldwide, the demand for PVC fittings by Van de Lande is growing, and the company begins to focus more explicitly on foreign markets. Van de Lande sales staff take part in trade fairs all over the world. As a result, the company’s global network of customers continuously expands.


The third generation of Van de Lande joins 
the company. The qualities that have always characterised Van de Lande are further developed. Investments are made in engineering, production and logistics, and new functionalities and opportunities are explored.


This year, a PVC-C program will be launched. PVC-C combines the benificial properties of PVC-U with two important additional properties. A high temperature resistance (up to 80˚C) and excellent resistance to various chemical products, such as acids and alkalis at high temperatures. Due to these properties, the areas of application are wider than with PVC-U and with this an absolute addition to the range.


Van de Lande has been active for almost 60 years. Their comprehensive product range of some 4,500 PVC fittings – from very small to very large – is sold worldwide. As there is always room for improvement, the company’s engineers are continuously developing new and even better products.


Following our PVC-U and PVC-C program, a new range of products will be launched again this year. From now on, high-quality products are also available in PE100. Our PE100 program is subject to strict visual and functional checks, so that it carries on to the highest quality standards we apply at Van de Lande. This has resulted in a PE100 product that is distinctive and with an excellent dimensioning.

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